Irancroquet tournament and event calendar for the year 1400 has been announced! 

The Secretary General of the Irancroquet Association Mr. Abolfazl Valikhani said that all the dates are carefully planned and selected, but as long as we have the situation with the pandemic we have to be flexible and possibly postpone some tournaments and events.  Irancroquet Association will inform in the case that everyone can reschedule and are informed.


The Iran Croquet Academy online training course takes place all over the country and everyone can participate!

Registration is required.


The official introductory courses of the GC  start at the Iran Croquet Academy.
These courses will take place from the beginning of July with the participation of the Iran Croquet Academy and the V-Royal Croquet Club.
It should be noted that the Iran Croquet Association will present the relevant certificate to the participants.
There will also be further briefings on referee and coaching courses.
Interested parties can register from 16th of June.



The Iran Croquet Academy is founded on behalf of Mr.Valikhani and his MC team.

Due to Coronavirus pandemic, all Croquet theory courses, introductory courses, trainers, referee courses and electronic publishing are to be carried out and take place online.

The practical courses take place after the pandemic.


3rd anniversary of the opening of the Iran Croquet Association.

Croquet is a strategy & thinking sport.

Many thanks to our team and all who have accompanied and supported us until today.  

It was a great 3 years and many more years await us!


Nowruz special broadcast

Croquet sport on Sahar national TV

Airtime: 26th / 30th of March, 2020

The Iran Croquet Association invites you to watch this special program about Croquet sport.


Ministry of Youth and Sport has announced that all courses, events and tournaments must be canceled due to Corona pandemic.

Iran Croquet Association wishes our follow countrymen, especially the medical staff and nurses all the best.  

Stay safe!


The Iran Croquet Association plans to send the Iran national team to the 2020 Croquet Championship.

After the official recognition of Iran Croquet Association by the WCF, the national team was officially invited to the World Croquet Championship of WCF, which was discussed internally by the Iran Croquet Association MC yesterday.

The Iran Croquet Association decided to select and send the team to the tournaments.

This is good news for fans of Croquet sport, which after four years of tireless effort is a great honor for the Croquet family to prepare for their first appearance at the World Cup.


Mr.Abolfazl Valikhani General Secretary and Mr.Don Oakley, President and Owner of the Croquet sports equipment factory in Canada.


The President and General Secretary of the Iran Croquet Association met with Mr.Dan Oakley, President and Owner of the Croquet sports equipment factory in Canada.

During the meeting, they visited the production of Croquet equipment. 

There was an exchange of experience between the two parties on the manufacture of individual Croquet equipment.

Iran Croquet Association got two malts engraved from the professional products of the Oakley Woods factory with the 

V-Croquet logo and the names of Abbas Valikhani and Abolfazl Valikhani.

Oakleywoods is one of the largest and most prestigious brands in the production of equipment for the Croquet sport.


Mr.Abbas Valikhani, President of Iran Croquet Association, and Mr.Abolfazl Valikhani, Secretary General of the Association, with Mr.George Dej, President of the Croquet Canada Association in Toronto.



Mr.Abbas Valikhani, President of Iran Croquet Association, and Mr.Abolfazl Valikhani, Secretary General of the Association, with Mr.George Dej, President and MC of the Croquet Canada Association in Toronto.

In this meeting, the parties discussed the interactions and communications in the field of transferring sports experiences and training courses and holding joint competitions.

It should be noted that the Iran Croquet Association (ICA) became an official member of the World Croquet Federation (WCF) on 22nd of November.


Iran Croquet Association (ICA) is now a recognized member of the World Croquet Federation.



Booth of Iran Croquet Association at the Islamic Azad University – Subsidiary West Tehran

Mr.Sedghi – Head of the official Coordinating Committee of Tehran said: In cooperation with the Management of Islamic Azad University – subsidiary of West Tehran – a booth has been set up for a week in order to introduce Iran Croquet Association to all employees and students at the campus.

He added: One of the most important goals of the provincial committee of Tehran is the promotion of Croquet sport to the students in the province.

The festival ended with a warm hearted reception and a positive acceptance by the Management and the students of the university.


Croquet had a separate booth at the national championship Computer Games exhibition.


The V-Royal Croquet Club organizes the first single and double women‘s GC tournament. 

The following requirements must be met:

  1. Have valid Croquet sports insurance

  2. Have a V-Royal Club membership card

  3. Participation fee

Time: 22nd of July

Location: V-Royal Croquet Club


The V-Royal Croquet Club organizes the first single and double men’s GC tournament.

Time: 20th & 21st of June

Location: V-Royal Croquet Club

For more information please contact us.



V-Royal Croquet Club registration and membership at Oxford Croquet Club.

V-Royal Croquet Club, the first Iranian Club is now registered and a member of the Oxford Croquet Club.


The presence of the President of the Iran Croquet Association, Abbas Valikhani, at the first official Sport Club management and leadership awards ceremony.


During the Nowruz Croquet Festival 2019, the leadership of Milad Tower joined the event.


Enigeer Abolfazl Valikhani, Secretary of Iran Croquet Association, announced the holding of the 40th Fajr Festival and the presence of the Croquet sport in this event located at Milad Tower.

He also invited all friends to visit.

The event will be held at Milad Tower from 1st – 11th of February, 2019.


Engineer Abolfazl Valikhani, member of the Iran national Croquet team, at the Canadian open championship 2018 (Quebec)

He participated in the GC and AC tournaments.


The first Croquet Club is established in Iran.

V-Royal Croquet Club, the first specialized Croquet Club in Iran, is established with the permission of the Sports and Youth Administration of Tehran Province.

The Club is founded and run by the private sector.


Engineer Abolfazl Valikhani was appointed “Head of the Tehran Province Croquet Committee” by decree from the President of the Iran Croquet Association.


Closing and awarding ceremony of the 4th open Croquet competition at the V-Royal Croquet Club.


The 4th round of the open Croquet competition:

Keramat Cup

Location: V-Royal Croquet Club 

Time: on 23rd of June


The 3rd round of the open Croquet competition:

Ramadan Cup

Location: V-Royal Croquet Club

Time: on 28th of May at 5pm to midnight.


On the 10th and 11th of May, a Croquet competition took place at V-Royal Croquet Club on the occasion of the first anniversary of the opening of Iran Croquet Association.

With the participation of 10 double teams.


The first GC coaching course (class 3) was held at the V-Royal Croquet Club from 6th to 7th of March.


The first open Croquet competition in Iran

The Golf Croquet (GC) tournament is planned and held on the occasion of the Fajr anniversary in single and double tournament.

Please register for the tournament participation on time.


The first advanced GC training course will be held shortly by the V-Royal Club. As a precondition for taking the advanced training course, you need to have completed and passed the beginner’s level course at least 1 year prior. Those interested in this course can register until the end of January via the training committee or the V-Royal Club.


2017 GC National single Championship

On 4th and 5th of September GC single tournament took place at V-Royal Croquet Club.

At the end of the tournament, the first and second place winners received prize awards and certificates. We congratulate the winners and wish them much success.  


Second participation of Croquet sport at the Milad Tower during Ramadan festival. 


The first Golf Croquet (GC) training course was held in Mashhad.

Natasha Esmaili, head of the Khorasan Razavi Croquet Committee, reported on a two-day Golf Croquet (GC) course in two sections for men and women in Mashhad.


Opening of the first provincial Croquet Committee in the holy city Mashhad for the first time in the country on 11th of May, 2017.

In the presence of Mr.Sabourian Director General for Sports and Youth of Khorasan Razavi Province, Mr.Valikhani President of Iran Croquet Association, Mr.Abolfazl Valikhani Secretary General, Mrs.Atighehchi and Mrs.Esmaeili.


The first primary official Golf Croquet training course for women and men was held in Tehran. At the end the participants were awarded with certificates.



First participation of Croquet sport at the Milad Tower during nowruz festival.


The opening of the Iran croquet Association in Milad Tower would be celebrated in the presence of some representatives from important authorities in the country.

The production of our national Croquet equipment was also presented and demonstrated on this event.


The Iran Croquet Association (ICA) is established in 2016 by Mr.Abbas Valikhani in Iran under the supervision of the Ministry of Youth and Sport. It operates in accordance with WCF rules as the highest international organization in Croquet.

The ICA has been registered on 19th of October, 2016 in Ministry of Youth and Sport.



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